It's time for an update...

...but which ones?  
I've decided that I need to buy some new crockery.  I have lots of mismatched vintage and new pieces which is fine and dandy BUT I want to be a proper grown up with a full set of matching crockery and not just for special days but to be used everyday.  I don't have a dish washer...I love washing up by hand and if its washing pretty crockery, so much the better.  
So what should I choose?
This is from the Burleigh Potteries in Stoke-on-Trent and established in 1851.  Having said that I want a matching set I think what I mean is matching in style/design but perhaps with different patterns. 
I'm drawn to blue.  I love the this dark cobolt blue hand painted Polish pottery by Boleslawiec and found at Country Traditionals.  I also have a few pieces of this. 
Buy then I love the simplicity of these hand thrown pieces by Nick Membery in Wales.  There aren't as many pieces to choose from which might help me!
Then I found Little Wren Pottery on Etsy. I love the colours here, so earthy and natural.  

 So there you have it.  I can't make my mind up and I need your help please. 
Which do you prefer? Do you have a favourite pottery/maker?
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