Vintage fabrics, work and play...

I have two beautiful vintage fabrics sitting in my workroom, tempting me to start work on them but I can't.  I'm too busy.  Perhaps I should lock them away out of sight and mind but I love to see them, occasionally touch and caress them.  It's my fabric addiction!

I'm busy with a lovely large order of eighteen mannequins for a client in Lithuania! Although I think they are destined for a store in Russia...not sure which country is more exotic. 
 After a few days working on my seamless mannequins I'm left with a large bundle of pretty colourful, soft strips of velvet.  I'm wondering what I can do with them.  Perhaps they could be turned into balls of yarn?  or sandwiched in a frame to create a work of art?  or pop them up to the local pre-school? Perhaps the latter.   
It's absolutely breathtakingly beautiful in my neck of the woods at the moment.  I love the colours and textures, the dark skies, the smell and sound of the rainfall, the bleakness... 

The road home to a warm fire, piece of fruit cake and a pot of very hot tea...heaven.
Which reminds me that I have to stack the pile of logs delivered today...
I think I'll wait until it stops raining first.
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