From a happy client!

These fabulous images are from a happy client who ordered a wasp waisted Celia mannequin to display her stunning antique corsets and gowns.  This lovely lady passed on some useful information regarding the fitting of the corset and gown too.

This stunning corset in magenta silk dates from 1880.

She writes "Informed clients will notice that the laced corset has perfectly parallel back ends when laced on your mannequin. As you can see YOUR mannequin is much more appropriate for displaying this corset than is the mannequin on which it is put on here 
Its wonderful to know that the my wasp waisted mannequins work so well for corset display.  The website BUSTLEDRESS is well worth a visit and  includes some wonderful patterns as well as antique and reproduction outfits.   

This incredibly gown is a Margueritte early production 1910 (a New York early "haute couture" designer, named later "Madame Marge").

I love the detail here with the lace work on the arms and collar.
 She writes "I must say that I didn't use any bra or special fittings for top of the dress. It is simply put on your mannequin, and this is it!  For the sleeves, I've  simply filled them with neutral silk paper in order to highlight the lace they are made of.  If you like details and Edwardian period gowns, please note the golden metallic trim which is under the V collar in the 32 photo - it was quite a break through in 1910."

Both garments are simply divine and I'm thrilled that my lovely client, who wishes to remain anonymous, took the considerable time to send me the images and information.
Thank you, Lucyxx
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