Latest limited edition Florence mannequin (and friend)

So lovely when you get your little mitts on some pretty vintage fabric and think...."can't wait to get this home and chop it up!"  That's what I was thinking when I bought this textured beauty.  The only problem then is finding the time to do the deed but its amazing how much you can squeeze out of a day when you are determined.  Florence, my latest limited edition vintage fabric mannequin, was born on such a day.  

I've also been busy with Betty, a striped ticking mannequin with corset and laced back.

I was going to use a sombre charcoal but thought a cherry red would work beautifully.

And just to round my day of to perfection, a catalogue from Christie's of London landed on my hallway floor today. Inside there are beautifully photographed antique and vintage clothes for an upcoming auction in London...displayed on one my wasp waisted mannequins!  Photos, of course, to follow soon.
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