Ballet mannequin

This sweet little mannequin is a bespoke Christmas gift for a little girl.  

 The fabric is so lovely.   Quite neutral in an oatmeal shade with chocolate ballerinas and French script.

She has a corset and laced back finish with, of course, a ballet pink satin ribbon.  I do so hope she likes her. 

I have been so busy this Christmas.  Today is the first day I can honestly say that I have no Christmas orders to either complete or dispatch.  I feel very privileged to be responsible for so many Christmas gifts.  I just hope they all go to contended recipients and that no one is disappointed, either the giver or the receiver.  I shall be thinking about that on Christmas morning whilst watching my own loved ones open their presents.

Still have lots of things to do before the big day...
* finish the seat cover on my little tub chair...I've used a lovely warm, tweedy Shetland wool *
* get out and forage for some wonderful winter green goodness for my mantle piece *
* shop for those last minute foodie bits...important things like the turkey have been ordered in advance *
* finish wrapping do you wrap a mannequin?! *
* start and maybe finish my youngest daughters quilt using my scraps of fabric *
* get ready for our Christmas Eve get together with family and friends *
* sit back and enjoy it all *

I love Christmas!
speak soon

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