Did you a have good time?

I hope you did.  
I can't believe its all over!  Even the turkey has disappeared 
(I'm boiling the carcass as we speak).  

We still have the New Year celebrations of course.  
I think it will be a quiet one for me this year.  How about you?

I did manage to get out and photograph my little army of Giselle mannequins.  They're off to New York very soon and I love taking them out into the beautiful Devon scenery, especially at this time of the year when it is so dark and bleak.  Then home to family, a warm fire and pot of tea...perfect!

Maybe I should to get out more :D


The Cloth Shed said...

Quiet New Year's Eve for me Lucy,tucked up in bed well before midnight as I have a big Fair on New Years Day.
Love your army of Giselles taking in the rural beauty of Devon...a far cry from their new destination in New York. I think they should be travelling First Class on a luxury liner!
Julie x

FairyFiligree said...

I envy these bodies going to NYC. What a wonderful opportunity to show the world something you've made. Lots of good wishes for 2012.

Lucy@Corset Laced Mannequins said...

poor things will be in a cardboard box and pushed around by FEDEX chaps!

Good wishes to you both, Lucyxx

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