Sunday stroll on Dartmoor

It was a beautiful sunny but cold day yesterday.  The perfect day for a stroll on the moors.  Since the new year I've been getting out and walking more often.  Yesterday we made a way to Wistman's Wood, an ancient woodland.  The early afternoon with blue skies and fluffy clouds. It looks warm but trust me it wasn't! 
 The oaks and granite here are covered in moss.  Everywhere is damp and green.
 Two of our motley crew check their maps.  They could be Holmes and Watson!
and a well dressed wood nymph performs in front of us. 
 The gateway leading us back to the Two Bridges Hotel.
 for a much needed pot of tea and a sit down by the fire...heaven!


FairyFiligree said...

Beautiful countryside..... I have just posted about corset - perhaps you'd be interested to pop by and visit?

FairyFiligree said...

Been to London & back but you seem stuck in on the moors.... what happened?

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