Tizia, the stegosaurus

I love January.  I like the cleaning away of Christmas decs to reveal a fresh new view.  I love the weather, the cold and bleakness (not sure what that says about me but I really do love cold, dark and bleak weather.)  I love the warm, delicious January food...ahh that's why I love it...its the food!!!
My birthday is in January too so is the tax return deadline!  Oh well, it can't all be about having fun. 

I did have a laugh with my new mannequin Tizia.  Here she is in all her glory with a contrasting red satin ribbon.  Beautiful fabric, reminiscent of  a William Morris print but with a more contemporary feel.

The fun came when I had an idea to lace her up differently.  I used a wide organza ribbon in a gorgeous dark plum and made individual bows running down her spine.  It didn't work!  She looked like a stegosaurus, especially side-on.  Never mind, it made me laugh.

I've been working on a bespoke mannequin using a reprint of a 1920s Sanderson fabric.  Rather lovely and will post photos of her soon.  Also a black and white version of Sophie which is very striking. 
I've ordered new fabrics for 2012 and will be saying "good bye" to a few of my gal's this year...its time for a prune.
Speak again soon, Lucyxx


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FairyFiligree said...

STegosaurus ! reminds me of when my younger son was insane about dinosaurs. And you're right that experiment failed dramatically. But I love this fabric...... looks similar to the model I have on on the sidebar of my blog...

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