Spring cleaning, Olivia, Sky TV and the BBC!!

I was so looking forward to the Easter break.  Everyone was home, in-laws staying over and maybe, just maybe some sunshine.  It wasn't to be!  The weather was not good, in-laws didn't arrive from Northumberland as they were worried about the weather, (they had snow last week!) and the petrol problem was making headlines.  So we haven't really gotten up to much.  Children have kept themselves busy, husband has been completing the usual unfinished DIY jobs and I have been spring cleaning my workroom.  Great break, hey!  Actually, don't tell anyone but I've really enjoyed it.  Such a luxury to spend a few days tidying and sorting.  And now it looks so gorgeous (one corner pictured above) that I never want to be out of it which is a good thing as I rarely am!
You can see the difference here.  Just look at that shelf!  I'm so ashamed :D
Eight of these seamless mannequins are as we speak working for their keep somewhere in London filming for the new Sky TV fashion programme featuring and hosted by Henry Holland, Nicola Roberts and international superstar, Rihanna!  I'm hoping they will sign a few of them so I can auction them off for charity as I did with Gok's and Elle Macpherson's.  Watch this space!! 
 This is Olivia....isn't she gorgeous! The fabric is by Designers Guild and is so so lovely. They describe it as "swirling arabesque pattern forms the background for exquisite floral sprays in bright colours against dramatic grounds"  sums it up perfectly!
So many things have been swirling around in my head recently.....  
  • Jennifer from Starched & Crumpled has sent me more gorgeous vintage fabrics for my wasp waisted mannequins.  I'm hoping to start work on a couple very soon. 
  • I'm thinking about a new product, which may or may not come about.  I have so much left over fabrics that I was looking for a way to use them up.  Not that I have the time but its good to dream!
  • and lastly, the BBC are using my wasp waisted mannequins for a new period drama due to be aired in 2013!  I can't tell you how excited I am....photos and details to follow soon.
Right, that's me done, except to say that if you haven't already found/joined Pinterest you should!  It's a great way to log all those fantastic, inspiring, beautiful, funny, useful, interesting images/ideas you come across whilst browsing the web. I'm there under Corsetlaced.  Have fun!

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ted and bunny said...

such great things happening it sounds like its going to be a really positive time business-wise!

I've come to the conclusion that Spring Cleaning really does have a good purpose cos you always feel so much better afterwards- even if, as in my case, its only the cutlery drawer (so far??)!

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