Cutest baby mannequins...

These baby mannequins (0-6 months) are so cute!  They are tailored in Peony & Sage fabric and were commissioned to display antique christening gowns.  

This little one in Amelia fabric is aged 3-4 years and has a corset & laced back finish.
Its been a busy few weeks...some new fabrics in the pipeline but for now I'm happy keeping up with orders.  I've taken up the habit of photographing groups of mannequins before they are boxed and dispatched across the globe.  Its great to look back and see what has been achieved...
Left to experimental decoupaged mannequin that I wasn't happy with, Paris & Willa.
Biscuit, Betty, Amelia, Kate, Celia and Betty again in a size 8/10.
A bespoke mannequin using customers own fabric, 3-4 year Amelia, Cecilia & Violette.
Gracie, Papillon, Gracie (with a lighter spot collar) and a bespoke customers own fabric mannequin.
Will leave you with a new mannequin called Butterfly, what else!

Must get back to the sewing machine
see you next month!

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Marcela Costa :} said...

Oh my God, the baby floral one is the cutest one I've ever seen!

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