Mannequins Galore...

 Another busy month at CLM headquarters. Two new mannequins and a few bespoke customer orders too.  Here's the first of the bespoke gal's....isn't she gorgeous!! Tailored in Kate Formans Agatha and plain linen fabric.  Shes laced at the back with the vintage pink lacey ribbon.

Next up is Louise.  Shes tailored in Peony & Sage Faded Roses.  There are so many pretty fabrics out makes my job of choosing very difficult.

This is a new colour for the seamless range.  A beautiful delphinium blue.

 Now a couple of waspie waisted gals both tailored in vintage fabrics from Starched & Crumpled
 The gingham one has sold but this one is still available to buy here 
Another batch of gals of, including the second customer bespoke mannequin, (2nd from left).
 and another batch...
and of the my mannequins used on the new Rihanna Sky TV Fashion show, soon to be aired over the Summer, has been returned with three autographs!  Henry Holland the fashion designer, Nicola Roberts of Girls Aloud and Lysa Cooper, Rihanna's stylist!  I'm thrilled and as soon as the show is aired I'll be auctioning her off for charity.  
and yes that is a nipple piercing...ouch!!!


The Cloth Shed said...

Fabulous as always Lucy...they look stunning.
I bet the vintage grain sack fabric took some sewing though, it is tough stuff.
Julie x

Lucy@Corset Laced Mannequins said...

you're right there Julie! but thanks to Brian, my trusty old industrial sewing machine, we got there. Lucyxx

Leena williams said...

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Gabriela Delworth said...

Hello Lucy,

Just fabulous! Love the blue ones.


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