Wedding dress display mannequins

Many of my lovely customers are owners of wedding dress boutiques.  This beautiful shop window is the brand new Love Bridal Boutique run by lovely Emma.  Doesn't it look gorgeous?  I'm so pleased that my mannequins play a part in the overall look, albeit a small one.

It was lovely discussing with Emma about the look that she was after.  I sent a few sample fabrics and she decided on Paris, Parisienne and Willa...all three are in neutral tones but with alot of wonderful pictorial detail.  They work beautifully with the stunning wedding dresses.  Here they are in my workroom before they left for Cheshire.

Its great when I can work with a customers idea and create something for them that satisfies their individual needs, whether its the fabric combinations as above or a design tweak shown here. Julie wanted the corset and lacing to start at the waist rather than at the nape.  I think it works so well with my Betty mannequin.  

This group of striking gals and gents was shipped to Sweden for a store in Malmo.  Would love to see these in the their new home.  One day maybe.
Another batch here: a new green velvet, a vintage fabric wasp waisted,  Ren, Ivory and one of my favourites, Parisienne. 

 And a wee treat here...a fabulous group of antique/vintage mannequins...mannequin heaven!
 These gorgeous gals are available to buy from a London shop called Elemental but you may need to save up a bit as they are around £1,900 each!  
That's all from me for now.  I'm away for a whole lovely week in Greece!  but I'll be back full of beans and raring to get back to work.


The Cloth Shed said...

Maybe you should get some old linen and create distressed mannis too?
Enjoy your hols,
Julie x

miley swan said...

Considering to buy corset, lands most of us in new territory. Any info on brands and care of corset, etc.?

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