Holidays, wonderful work and M&S.

Seems like months ago...our family holiday in Greece.
A fabulously lazy and happy time had by all.
OK.  Back to the mannequins!  
Obviously she is called Mona. Her eyes were following me around the room so I had to box her up!  Poor thing.  She is rather lovely though and perfect to get the attention of passers by.
This is Sophie in green.  Such a striking fabric and available in three other colourways, black, red & turquoise blue.
A close up of a wasp waisted mannequin, tailored in a gorgeous antique German sack cloth dating form 1883.  This beauty has sold to a lovely lady who has been waiting for me to get on with a bundle of vintage fabrics from Jennifer of Starched & Crumpled.  Got there in the end Susan!
The beauty above is called Juliet.  I love the subtle two tone fabric here.
A few of this past months batches of gal's off across the globe...
 These three have been safely delivered to the USA, Australia and Hong Kong. 
These three child mannequins have landed safely in the US too.

These two bespoke mannequins were ordered for the launch of the model Rosie Huntington-Whiteleys new M&S lingerie collection.  You can buy knickers, bras and dressing gowns in this very fabric!  
image courtesy of
My latest batch, due for posting this coming week.  
Love this photo of Rosa wasp waisted.  She will be dispatched to Germany.
Cecilia and Betty below are staying in the UK together to a bridal store.
I do love my Betty!  A classic striped ticking with a cherry red ribbon...perfection!

I'm sure I've forgotten something but this post is long enough.  I might have to start posting/emailing you all more often...say, twice a month.  I don't want to bombard you with emails though.  Don't forget that if you want up to date info of available mannequins, follow my Facebook page.  I list there on a nearly daily basis.

Many, many thanks for your continued support...I couldn't do it without you, Lucy xx


ted and bunny said...

phew- I thought I'd been busy!

Isobel Morrell said...

Am fascinated by all these mannequins, but must confess my ignorance: who, other than dress shops, would buy such beautiful items and then cover them up? As a purely curious, and immensely interested follower of your blog(s), would appreciate a reply (at for starters!)

Keep up the great work!

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