Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram....Tumblr!!!

You may have noticed but my blog posts (and newsletters) are becoming fewer and fewer.  This is because I'm having to keep up with so many platforms (I'm sure I'm not the only one!),  so in order to save time and my sanity, I'm going to use Tumblr from now on.  

Its quite amazing but I've discovered that my mobile phone can take photos and post them instantly & easily onto all the platforms with one press of a button...except Blogger!  
Can't imagine why its taken me so long to work that one out.

All my old posts from way back in 2009 have been added to Tumblr and from now on I will be sending images and comments to Tumblr.

I will not delete this blog, or any of the posts, but future updates can be found here:

update 2016! I can't keep away from here so I'm back!  still using Tumblr but enjoying my blog here too :)

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